Happy new year! My new year’s resolution this year is to stay alive. I figure it’s the only one I won’t break. I’m pretty good at screwing stuff up (aren’t we all?) But here’s a comforting thought. God knows our mistakes before we make them. He knows we will fail but he calls us anyway. He knows we are imperfect, weak and he still sees the value in us even when we don’t.
This is one of the reasons why I have taken such an interest in up-cycling. I love, love, love finding treasures that people have thrown away that I can clean up, change, and make new and valuable. Seeing the potential in a piece of broken furniture or discarded do-dad honestly helps me see the potential in more people.
Just as having a child has taught me how God sees me and works in me, seeing the potential in a crafting project teaches me to look for the best in people. People will be what you tell them they are. If you grow up around people who tell you, you will only ever be a failure, that you will never amount to anything then most likely you will become a failure (we all do) and you will stop there. But if someone comes alongside you and continuously feeds love and encouragement into your life, maybe just maybe you’ll believe that you can be more.
Even when I’m frustrated with my daughter because she’s not listening to me I make sure to tell her that she is a good girl and she needs to act like it. My parents were hard on me growing up. They held me to a higher standard because they saw the potential. Sometimes to make something beautiful out of something discarded it needs to be broken and rebuilt.
Those who know me know I’m a little bit if a control freak and I don’t handle failure well. Failure breaks me down. But God can already see how he is going to make me better for it. He sees past the failure to the value it allows him to add to me.
Think about the potential in others and yourself. This new year is full of potential!