My daughter isn’t even three and I am already planning what to say to her when she wants to dress like all the other girls. What will I say?

Grandma never would have let me out of the house dressed like that. I won’t let you either.  I love you too much.  You are beautiful and you should be proud of your sexuality but it just isn’t safe. Bad things happen here everyday because some people disagree with that sentiment and some people want to take advantage of it. 

Maybe we put too much focus on what shouldn’t be. Maybe instead of being desensitized to sex we’ve been hypersensitized to it. Rebellion is normal even healthy to an extent but is our morality going so far it pushes you, our children, in the opposite direction?  Maybe the less “modest” countries have the “right” idea.  

Like gun control or France and drinking if it were put in a safe, everyday context maybe our children would understand the cause and effect better and we wouldn’t have such a problem.  Would it still be forbidden fruit if we talked and acted as if the idea were everyday normal? Why can’t we see the body as beautiful without it being a sex machine?  Isn’t there a balance to be found somewhere?