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I am an emotional person. Shocker.  I know.  I tend to be drawn to movies and shows with a lot of drama,  melodrama, and even the occasional bit of angst. As long as the characters are well rounded I’m engaged.  I believe in experiencing the full spectrum of emotion.  

A lot of people I know only want to feel the good while others get stuck and can’t move past the bad.  I have had a fortunate and blessed life so far. I would consider it mostly good. But I have most defiantly had my share of pain,  destruction,  drama,  and yes,  angst.  I’m alive.

As long as I’m sucking wind I will continue to feel weather I like it or not. That is why I have chosen to look my fears and pain in the face, to see past them to the beauty that hides,  very well sometimes, in everything. God can make anything beautiful.  Of course one of my favorite songs is Better than a Hallelujah by Amy Grant . “We pour out our misery, God just hears a melody. Beautiful the mess we are.  The honest cries of breaking hearts,  are better than a Hallelujah.” 

Who says we must be perfect and put together all the time?  Who says broken can’t be beautiful in its own right? The trials we face, the obstacles we overcome build us into better people if we let them. If you look for the worst in people you’ll find it, every time.  The same is true for goodness and beauty. God made everything beautiful but sometimes you have to go looking for it. Isn’t that the whole point of Easter?  The most perfect person ever chose to die a horrible death then trumped death to give us life.  Beautiful.