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Having a child doesn’t make you a parent any more than having sex makes you a man or real woman. It’s everything that comes after that matters.  Being an adult is learning to take care of others and do things you may not want to to do what you have to. Real love is a marathon not a sprint.  

Our society is more into instant gratification than long term commitment.  Having sex may seem like a small act but it can end up with a long term commitment.  Some people keep the child but are unprepared for parenthood. Being a parent is hard. I also believe it is more rewarding than taxing but then again I wanted to be a parent.  Loving a child means more than keeping one alive. 

What am I driving at? Be more than a warm body for the ones you love, especially your kids.  Some days that is difficult. I have a very active 2 year old.  Some days I get home from work and all I can do is sit next to her while she plays. Then the next day I’m freezing my butt off because I know she wants to play outside even though the weather is less than favorable. I may not always be the best parent but I try and I just try to be there for her for whatever she needs.