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The grass may be greener on the other side but their water bill is higher. Your grass can be greener if you choose to water it, to put in the effort and resources. Marriage takes work. All relationships do.  We are socially conditioned to see love a certain way. All chocolate and roses, romantic getaways and sex whenever you want it. However, real life tends to disagree and alter this perception.

Real life and real love gets messy. It’s frustrating and hard and painful. But it is also one of the greatest sources of safety, support, comfort, and joy. Love is a complicated thing. It may be easy to fall in love just as it may be easy to buy a car however we all know how much work and money goes into the upkeep of our prized vehicles. Relationships take work to maintain but they are well worth the effort.

It is easy to look at what others have and think I want that. But how often do we think about the cost of what they have. I don’t know if I can make this point clear enough, strong enough. Relationships and real love take work. If it’s all easy all the time I’d be looking for the storm coming. Unpleasant things such as arguments and rough patches give us the tools and the strength to weather the bigger storms life throws our way. It also builds a sense of confidence that your partner and you can survive anything as long as you work together. God made us relational people for a reason. We are stronger together than alone. Be strong. God bless.