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Mike has finally gone back to work which is great. Now we just need to readjust to opposing work schedules and intentionally make time for each other. When Corinne is awake it is all about her but when she’s asleep even if we are doing our own stuff in the same room it’s nice to be together. And we will still have a day or two off together during the week. We made it before we will make it work again.

With his income back and a little extra from my two jobs I’m hoping with a little discipline we can undo the financial damage over the next year. We need to get back on track and back to our lives and goals. Mathematically the last four months shouldn’t have worked out as well as they did but our family and friends really stepped up to support us. And God did some weird things with math too.  He really provided what we needed even if it wasn’t how we expected it.

My desperation is fading quickly as I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Take heart. God doesn’t love me any more than anyone else. If He carried us through this, He will get you through your struggles too if you trust Him and follow His lead. That is the scary part but it is always worth it in the end.