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Life is rarely ever dull in my house. If it is we are probably sleeping. My husband has been off of work for about three weeks now and is scheduled for surgery next week. It hasn’t been a picnic but we are making it work. The last few days he’s been feeling better which is bringing my stress back into humanly acceptable levels. My parents have been invaluable during all of this and his parents are coming up for a week to help after the surgery. I am so grateful for the support system God has given us. So many of our friends lack this kind of support.

Our lives are not always smooth. Sometimes it feels like just when we start getting our act together and paying things down then some calamity befalls us. And yet God always provides. It may not be how we want his provision but it is always enough. Mike only had enough paid time off to cover part of his absence from work (which has been much longer than we ever thought it would be) but somehow, improbably, the bills are getting paid. I don’t know how we are going to pay the medical costs but I know God will take care of them as he has the smaller monthly costs. It never makes sense to me but I’ll take God’s math over mine any day.