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They say some leaders are born and some are made. I am closer to the latter. I have all the necessary traits of a leader except desire. I only step into leadership roles when no one else will. I’m much happier working behind the scenes serving and following.

My husband is always looking for new trails to blaze and ways to make things better.  He’s not good with following directions especially if he can’t see or understand the end game. Sometimes it feels like we are polar opposite. Nothing is ever good enough for him. Consistency isn’t his strong suit but he is passionate, driven, and clever. His brain puts things together in ways I’d never think of.

He’s always trying to get me out from under “the man.” The thing is, I’m unusually quite happy where I am. Together we could be amazing but getting us to focus on the same goal is like trying to harness goldfish. He’s passionate in one direction while I’m going another. He’s business centered; I’m all about people. It could work of only we could get our act together.

I think one of the most important traits of a leader is being able to recognize valuable talent and being able to mesh different types into a functioning whole. I could use a whole bunch of clichés right here but I’ll try to stick to one simple quote. “God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.”