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I hate election years. (Although the gas prices get much better during campaigning.) We are supposed to do our civic duty and exercise our right to vote but to what end? What is the point of voting when none of the options are good? When did democracy become picking the lesser of evils?

All the candidates lie. They all have agendas for their own gain not the best interests of the country. I understand the country is a mess. It is too much for I one figurehead to fix but when all we hear on the news is how nothing gets done because the parties can’t agree and can’t be civil what are we supposed to support?

I will not get behind a candidate just because they have money or influence. How much money goes to campaigning and mudslinging in one election year? What kind of good could that money do if it was applied to the issues instead of just talking about them?

I catch myself forgetting that politicians are real people with families and lives. They have turned into reality tv personalities. Everything they say and do is an act for the camera. They make big promises then once they get into office it’s like they won class president in middle school just to find out they have no power at all.

We need to seriously overhaul our political system. I love that we have the right to choose who we want to lead but we need better choices. We need a new system. We must all decide what we think is best. This is one of the things I hate about being an adult. I can’t hide from it. I’m sorry this post isn’t as upbeat as normal.