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In Christian circles you’re supposed to have a favorite bible verse. I did all the kids bible programs growing up and committed countless bible verses to memory…short term memory. Honestly, I’m not a scholarly Christian who always has a verse on hand but every so often a particular verse will strike me.

It may sound odd or lame but for now one of my favorite verses is John 11:35. “Jesus wept.” For a time that was my brother’s favorite verse because it was short and easy to remember. I like it because how many tears have I shed over the years? Many times do we focus on Jesus’ divinity and forget he was also human. He knew the grander plan but it didn’t lessen the pain of what he had to do to complete it.

Jesus wept. He sympathized and empathized because he couldn’t skip past the unpleasant parts of humanity. He felt our pain, grief, and fear. And if he felt all that he may have even felt regret. Regret that he had volunteered for this. Regret that regret even crossed his mind because he loves us so much it makes it worth it. I get that. On an immensely smaller scale, I get it. When my daughter was born I could live on baby smiles. When she smiled at me suddenly it didn’t matter that she just spit up on me, or that I hadn’t had time to eat or sleep for more than two hours at a time. Nothing mattered, because I never knew how much I could love someone until I held her in my arms and I realized that she was as much a part of me as my beating heart and she needed me.

We are created by God with his very breath. And we are just as helpless as my newborn daughter was. His heart was so full of joy, love, and sadness that it broke and he wept. Because he knew exactly what he didn’t want to do, exactly what needed to be done, and that he would do absolutely anything for us because he loves us that much. Chew on that and hug the ones you love.