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If copycat shootings and underage drunk and disorderlies are making news I think we need to redefine what news is. People are so hungry to get their fifteen minutes of fame, to be acknowledged, and to be heard that the lasting consequences of their actions seem to be lost on them. They trade fifteen minutes of fame for fifteen to life in prison. Is it worth it? But we as a capitalist society give them what they want because it sells. We feed off of the drama. It’s sad and degrading.

When did people and lives become nothing more than letters in a headline? Why do we feed the negativity around us instead of building each other up and watching each other’s backs? When was the last time you read a news story or heard a blurb on tv about neighbors watching each other’s houses while they are vacationing or getting together to clean up or build a park? How can we make the world a better place if only the squeaky wheel gets the attention?

We take our families and our safety for granted. One day it could be our lives or deaths splashed across the headlines we pay to read. Is that how we want to be remembered? Maybe we should redefine news and our legacy.