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Dreaming is fun. I like pretending that owning certain things and doing certain things are possible. To plan the whole thing out, like what would I do if I won a million dollars? First thing would be to pay off the student loans, then the house, and the car, save a bunch and invest some. Of course we would blow some of it too. Who wouldn’t, just to celebrate?

My dad and I like to go window shopping. We look at all the expensive kitchen appliances we have no money to buy and no room to put. We love doing the parade of homes together, just looking at these crazy nice houses with more space than we’d know what to do with. Sometimes we find ideas that we can modify for our own little sanctuaries.

Sometimes when you are mapping the dream in your head you start to think, hey, this might actually be possible. Given the right dedication and planning this could actually happen. That is when the real fun starts. When you see that you aren’t stuck where you are and you can actually move up in the world even small things seem like a victory. Goals give us purpose and purpose can make us happy if we let it.

God says He knows the plans He has for us (Jer. 29:11). He wants to bless us and give us what we want. But He doesn’t do it right away because sometimes (or most of the time) we need to adjust what we want. I’m much better at knowing what I don’t want rather than what I do want. This can be frustrating but it’s at least a start. I didn’t know what I wanted in a man until I met my husband. My mom was everything my dad wasn’t looking for in a wife and they will be going on 29 years this December. Sometimes what we think we want isn’t what will make us happy.

Dreaming can be fun. It opens up the mind to how things could be and sometimes it can change who you become. The only thing more fun than dreaming is watching the dream come true. God wants to help us make our dreams happen. So what if the dream needs adjustment. It will be worth it in the end.