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Being a parent brings a whole new meaning to paranoia. Someone was sawing aluminum siding this morning and through a couple sets of walls it sounded like the baby crying. Only it sounded more like a horrible scream. Poor Corinne has the sniffles so it seemed plausable. We both shot up to check on her then realize it wasn’t her at all. We were so relieved. It seems silly to get so bent out of shape over something so small but it was a freaky experience.

She is our first child so I feel like we have the right to be paranoid the first go around. Parenting is harder than it looks. It’s crazy being responsible for another human being. I don’t speak baby and Corinne doesn’t speak mommy so communication is complicated. She cries and I have to figure out if she is hungry, tired, hurt, or mad for no reason at all.

Its exciting too though, watching her grow and learn. The smallest things facinate her. The first thing Corinne does with her rubber ducks is look on the bottoms. Her forehead creases in concentration. She loves playing with my watch. She’s always stealing it off my wrist. She is in constant motion like her mommy. She looks like her daddy and acts like me. With each new life experience God shows me a whole new facet of love. I love that child like I have never loved anyone else. It helps me understand how God loves me.