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I am sorry, my friends, for once again being delinquent in my posting. I have been thinking lots of blog-worthy thoughts I just haven’t taken the time to write them down and post them. I feel like saying life here has been crazy but that really goes without saying. By this point, it’s a given.

My little girl is growing. She can sit up on her own which is fantastically helpful when I’m doing laundry or other chores and she is getting curious about the world around her. Everything is new and wonderful to her. She lights up a room. I, on the other hand, have been hiding from the world around me (especially the cold!). We fell behind when I lost my job and my daughter’s birth cost more than we expected but I have another job now and we are making headway again…just not as quickly as I would like. I have always been the person who misses the journey trying to get to the destination. It is possible for me to enjoy the journey but it is difficult for me to get out of my head, my plans, my impatience and enjoy it.

Sometimes I just need to close my eyes and forget about the end goal and the obstacles holding me back. I just need to staple my feet to today and focus on where I am. Not where I was. Not where I wish I was. Just where I am. I heard the coolest quote about fighting our troubles with joy. “We need to poke holes in the darkness until it bleeds light.” No matter how bad we feel we need to be a bright spot because we may be the only light for someone else who is struggling. And if we have to force the darkness to recognize our light, so be it. Keep trucking on, all.