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This past Sunday my church celebrated Sanctity of Life Sunday. This on again of again National holiday is a reminder to those of us who take life for granted. I have always been pro life in that I believe life begins before we even know we are pregnant and that life is precious. I realize pro life has come to mean a certain set of political agendas just as non-denominational has become a denomination. I try to stay out of politics as best I can because they tend to obscure my point. My point being that life (all human life in every stage) is precious.

I believe this even more so now that I have a child, now that I have had the pleasure and the privilege of growing life inside me. Was it always fun, comfortable, and pleasant? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Was it a miracle? I believe so. I don’t think science and God have to be mutually exclusive. I think something like growing a whole human being who knows how to breathe and move from a few cells is scientifically explainable but no less of a miracle. It boggles the mind. Shouldn’t we protect the miracle of life?

Some people believe that a fetus isn’t alive; they convince themselves of this, because you can’t kill something that isn’t alive, right? We prefer to ignore what is difficult. We want to rationalize and justify our decisions to make ourselves feel better. It’s not murder if we decide it isn’t alive. You can’t murder a chair for example. But a fetus is a baby. It has brainwaves and a heartbeat. Any mother who has made it to the second and third trimesters knows the weird and wonderful feeling of having something—no, someone—moving inside you.

In the beginning I couldn’t tell the difference between baby movement and gas but as she grew her movements became more definitive. I could feel her little hands and feet. I could feel her turning summersaults. She was more than a lifeless bundle of cells, she responded to my movements and loud noises. I remember going to an IMAX movie when I was about six months pregnant and it was so loud my daughter was doing back-flips for the whole two and a half hour movie. As soon as the movie ended she calmed down.

I’m having a difficult time saying what is on my mind and in my heart. How do I communicate my thoughts without misrepresenting them? This post is meant to be less of a condemnation of wrong actions and more of reaffirmation of what is important. Life is precious. I can’t tell you how to live your life. I can only give you one writing mother’s opinion. Who knows what that unborn life may hold? That life may unlock secrets as old as time or may find new roads of exploration and discovery. What if Thomas Edison had never been born? Or Martin Luther King, Jr.? Or Einstein? No one thought these people would amount to anything but they changed the world. Florence Nightingale was only one woman but she changed the definition of nursing. What might that little unborn, untested life become if given the chance?