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My husband and I went to our first parenting class last Saturday. Our hospital offers them for free if you deliver there. We learned all about diaper changing, safe sleeping, feeding, infant and toddler CPR, car seat safety, and what products you should avoid using even though they are widely marketed for babies. It was a lot to take in but it was also very interesting.

I had heard that crib bumpers were dangerous but I thought the mesh ones were ok but I guess not. I was also surprised to find out that you shouldn’t use baby powder…ever. Apparently the talc in it is even dangerous to adults but especially for babies because the fine powder makes it hard for them to breathe. Good to know. I know medical advice changes from year to year on what is good and safe and what isn’t but it makes logical sense to me so I’ll go with it. I guess corn starch is the substitute.

Less is more with babies. They don’t need all this fancy, fluffy, extra stuff that we enjoy until they get to be older. I suppose that makes sense. Not much use for blankets and pillows in utero. There is so much to learn and a lot of it is trial and error. That’s encouraging… But guess what? Our parents raised us the same way and we turned out fine. I figure God put life in my body and preprogrammed mommy and baby with instincts so He’ll take care of our little growing family and we’ll all figure it out together.

There is no destination in life where we get to say, “We have arrived.” Life is an adventure, a journey that you look back on and hopefully say, “That was awesome! Let’s go again.”