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As we close in on my due date I find my list of limitations growing. Limitations have never been something I let slow me down before but this time is different. This time I have someone else to think about. So my pride takes the hit and I have to slow down, rest often, and have my husband help me put my shoes on when I bother to wear real shoes. My flip-flops and slip-ons have become my best friends. Even the way I move has changed to accommodate this new growth that has changed my center of gravity.

Every time I get frustrated with something I can’t do or can’t eat because I’m pregnant I just remind myself that I did this on purpose, I chose this, and she is absolutely worth it. I may be a little freaked out about her becoming external and what changes that will bring but I look forward to having my body back, at least my full range of motion. She is worth it though. I was attached to her the moment I found out I was pregnant. I just want her to be healthy and happy. Her dad and I want to give her the world and we’re prepared to work however hard to make sure she has what she needs.

Despite the challenges this life change has thrown (and continues to throw) at us we are over the moon excited about meeting our little daughter and watching her grow up. Life will never be the same but when does it ever stay the same? It will be a learning experience for all three of us. Feel free to join us on the journey.