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It’s Tuesday again…already. Funny how time flies when you’re not looking. Nine weeks (or so) until I get to meet my daughter. About 10 days until my first baby shower. Next emotional breakdown imminent. Next state of euphoria probably sharing a time slot with my emotional breakdown. My emotions have never contained themselves to one at a time or even the same category so I’m as likely to be happy and pull-my-hair-out stressed at the same time as I am to wake up blonde….oh yeah, I am blonde.

I’m an emotional person. It is a fact of life. My solution, just ride it out and never let myself sulk for more a few hours at a time. Avoiding large quantities of caffeine helps too. Good stress is a foreign concept to me. I used to always associate stress with being purely bad. As we count down to the many events leading up to the big event in August I am filling with anticipation. Some days it is difficult to tell whether I’m freaking out over becoming a new parent and having no idea (well some idea) what I’m doing or whether I’m excited because this is going to be so much fun. So I figure why choose. I’ll be both at once. If I can’t block or control the negative emotions running haphazard through my hormone hijacked body than I may as well try to balance it with a good emotion.

I’m sorry if I sound like a crazy person today. Last week was a hectic and I’m still winding down. My daughter is most definitely getting stronger and by consequence more distracting as she moves and grows. This is a path I’ve chosen and as usual it is nothing like I expected but it is strange and fascinating and I can’t wait to see where it leads. Until next week, keep your head up and your mind positive. If you are above ground it is all good.