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Happy Memorial Day! This is a day to remember those who have not only served this country full of flaws and hope but who never made it back to see the difference they had made. I may not agree with or like the way this country is being run or the direction it is headed but I absolutely support the men and women who fight to protect it, who fight to protect me and the people I love most.

I try to look past the flaws and the failing of this country, my home. I try not to be the person so focused on what is wrong that I miss how good I’ve got it until it is taken from me. I will admit that because of how this country is being run I’m less confident in our continued security. How long can we remain the most powerful country on Earth when we are stretching our resources so thin, when we are so well hated?

But though I may not trust the leadership I love and admire, all the more, the men and women who still believe this country, my home, is worth protecting. It makes me admire their dedication, bravery, sacrifice, and hope. It makes me admire their faith. I may not trust the leadership but the followers still represent all the qualities I believe in.

So if you lost someone who served this country, remember them and thank God for their sacrifice. Then find someone, still living, either a veteran or active duty and bless them, even if it is just a handshake and a thank you. What they do can be thankless and it shouldn’t be. A thank you can go a long way. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who has served or is serving this country.