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It’s May and I’m back as promised. Maybe a few days late but oh well. Life has been a big ball of crazy since my last post and it hasn’t really stopped. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts this is a year of big changes and not all of them are turning out as I expected. But we’re still rolling and I’m still above ground therefore life is good.

I’m loving the new house though from the shopping to the buying to the moving in it has been way more complicated than I expected. I’m finding that some things, ok maybe a lot of things, in life are that way. Our baby girl is growing quite nicely and the pregnancy, at least, is still uncomplicated. What comes after the pregnancy I have a feeling may be a different story but again, we’ll just keep rolling and taking life as it comes. Is there any other option?

I’m really not used to the limitations this pregnancy has put on me though it isn’t all bad. It was really weird and a bit frustrating that no one let me do anything during the move. I’m not used to being hands off. However, I can’t say I really missed doing all the heavy lifting and the cleaning. My husband’s family really showed up and took charge. It was great to have all that help.

God rarely does things in the ways I expect but He gets things done and that’s what matters, right? He’s got the grand, master plan. I just pretend like I know what I’m doing. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I feel like that is all my life is sometimes. I just pretend like I know what I’m doing, waiting for God to step in and give me some direction. I prefer to follow rather than lead but I like the freedom to be independent as well. I’m pretty sure that is why God does things the way He does them. Be careful what you wish for, right?

In any case, welcome back to my crazy life. Hopefully it helps put things in perspective for you and let you know that no matter what happens we never have to do life alone. I don’t do change well so I couldn’t do this alone. But I’m having fun in my crazy, stressed, I have no idea what is going on sort of way. If you’re not having fun what’s the point. Be encouraged. God knows what’s going on, He wants to give His children good things, and He will always give us what we need.