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Where you put your focus determines your success. If you focus on the obstacles, the negatives, and the failures that is all you will find. If you look past the problem to the resources available through God then you will find the solution. We can’t ignore the problems (though certainly not for lack of trying, in my case). I never said it would be easy. But God is bigger and stronger than anything that comes against us. Period. It is all about perspective on our end. We can only tap into God’s resources if we trust Him and believer what He says and what He promises is true. We can only truly tap into God’s resources when we attempt the impossible.

If you had told me at the beginning of college that two to three years after graduation I’d be buying a house, I’d have given you a dumb look and told you that was impossible. Houses are expensive. Where would I get the money and confidence for a project that big? Now, I look back at where I was and where I am. I’m not where I’d like to be but I’m a lot closer. It has been a learning experience and it has been very stressful. It has been much more complicated than I anticipated but when I get stressed and start to despair I thank God for His provision.

I have really tried to take a step back from my control freak nature and let God lead us where He wants us. Where He lead, He provides and I know it is His provision that has taken me from just surviving life to enjoying it. Some days are much harder than others, especially when I’m being flooded with pregnancy hormones. They make everything so much more…fun…or difficult depending on your level of sarcasm. They make little things (like finding the extra printer paper) seem bigger and my normal attempts to keep in control are…insufficient. But guess what? God’s strength is made evident in our weakness. So when I focus on what needs to be done and God’s strength, instead of my inadequacies, I find I’m much more clever and capable than I thought. I hope this thought helps carry you through your next bad day. Be encouraged.