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Thank you to everyone who commented (either directly on my blog or on Facebook) on my last post Pro Life or Pro Choice? I’m Both. I thought it would be easier to write another post to address all the good and valid points brought up for discussion. Thank you, especially, to Alicia for sending me the article I have linked here. http://rachelheldevans.com/blog/why-progressive-christians-should-care-about-abortion-gosnell I think it better states what I was trying to say in my first post although I have a few differences from her opinion.


The point was brought up in multiple comments that people will do what they want to whether it is legal or not so if we make exceptions for aborting/murdering unborn children wouldn’t it be the same to make exceptions for murdering adults or stealing? This question startled me because even as I believe that abortion is murder I never realized that I put it in a separate category from murdering a born person. I feel like to be fair and consistent in my view I should be whole heartedly against it. However, don’t we make exceptions for murdering adults (euthanasia, death penalty, war, etc.)? And don’t we make exceptions for stealing? Our politicians do it constantly and whether they get caught or not it seems the worst they get is a slap on the wrist and maybe some time in a white collar prison. What seems like a simple moral issue of black and white isn’t all that simple when you start to really look at it.

Perhaps I believe in the right to choose because I don’t see the option ever going away and that is my way of dealing with the issue. Make the right choice. Pro life means more than anti-abortion. I believe in education and birth control. Prevention and caution can go a long way in avoiding unwanted pregnancies. I also believe that every life is valuable whether it is American, Israeli, Palestinian, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, straight, gay… You get my point. How can I claim abortion is more acceptable than serial killing and how can I claim it is worse than casualties of war? Each has its own set of moral justifications.

Perhaps we should be looking to the cause of such decisions not just the symptoms. Many women who seek and receive abortions are in lower class minorities. What would happen if instead of banning abortions and cutting the supply, we reached out to those less fortunate and educated them, fed them, taught them work and life skills? What if we stopped judging them and instead of looking down our noses and wagging our fingers, brought them into our homes and churches as the places of safety they were always meant to be? What if we got down from our high horses and realized that we too have made mistakes, some big, some ugly but we had someone to help us dig out from under them?

I still don’t have the solid black and white answers I would like to have but I’ve learned a lot from this discussion. If you haven’t already, please read the linked article. It is quite insightful and goes farther in depth on the issue than I do. Let’s keep talking. Honest discussion leads to action and change even if the only change is in how we ourselves treat those around us. That small change can change the world.