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There has been a lot of discussion lately about Roe vs. Wade. I suppose I have a very strange opinion on the subject. I am pro life all the way. I believe life begins at conception and that it is wrong to end that life. However, I believe outlawing abortion will not solve the problem. People who are determined will find ways to do what they will to preserve their lifestyles. The only difference is it will be so much more dangerous. God gave us free will for better or worse. He did it on purpose and lets us keep it. I believe we should be given the choice because we have one whether it is legal or not but I also believe that we should raise our children to be responsible for their actions and the choices they make.

We need to do our part and teach our children to think about long term consequences. If we teach them that there is no such thing as safe sex that there is always a chance of getting pregnant with no easy out then maybe they’ll think before they act. But we cannot raise them in fear; they will only see it as a challenge. We need to teach them they have a choice but there is a right and wrong choice and they need to take responsibility for their actions. Life gets messy. No matter what you do or how you live, life gets messy and things happen in ways we never intended. The real trick is rolling with it and making the best of it. Sometimes the unexpected, unplanned things turn out to be the biggest blessings despite all the complications they bring. So I suppose I have a very strange opinion on the subject of pro life and pro choice. I’m both. I just believe there is a right and wrong choice.