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It depends on how you define greed. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines greed as: “intense and selfish desire for something.” It is taking something at someone else’s expense. There is a difference between desire for more and greed.

God has given us a desire for more. A desire to make good better is what keeps us moving forward. It is what brought us electricity, indoor plumbing, flight. It is how we provide for our families and advance technology and medicine. These desires are the opposite of greed because they make the world a better place.

Sometimes I have to remind myself, that treating myself well and taking care of myself isn’t greedy, it’s healthy. Having wealth doesn’t mean you’re greedy. Being greedy is taking advantage of someone less fortunate than you. Greedy is standing taller because you are standing on someone else’s back. Working hard to make good better isn’t greedy; it is the way God made us to live.