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Sometimes I ask God if He gets tired of watching me walk away and come back over and over. I know I get tired of walking away and dragging myself back after realizing what a mistake walking away had been. I feel embarrassed and ashamed. Someone once defined shame as a separation of personal connection. Shame cuts us off from other people making us feel like we aren’t worth to make amends. God wants everyone to know that He doesn’t believe in shame. He obliterates shame. He stands with arms wide open waiting for our return.

I’m sure He gets tired of watching us walk away. I’m sure it hurts Him. But He never ever gets tired of us running back! In the story of the prodigal son when the son returns, head down without excuses but with apologies on his lips, his father (a man of dignity, power and respect) didn’t stand and stare and he didn’t turn his back. No! He ran to his son! A man of dignity never ran. He ran with arms wide open and embraced his returning son, refusing to hear his apologies because he was already forgiven. His father rejoiced that his “son who was dead is alive again.”

God will never get tired of us running back into his arms. He’ll even meet us halfway. He loves us more than we can understand.  Never again let shame separate you from a love you no longer feel worthy of because it isn’t your decision whether you’re lovable. God loves who He chooses to love regardless of how we feel about it. Be encouraged.