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Life is hard enough without adding complications. But I would rather add someone else’s to my own and have help working through them than having only my problems and myself to rely on. I would much rather have my issues plus God’s, or my husband’s, or my best friend’s issues and have a hand to hold and another mind to process with. I’d rather have twice the complications and a share in the victories than to only have my issues, my solutions, and my failures.
Working 60 hours a week between two jobs is hard. It is exhausting and frustrating but, although cliché, the old adage is true: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Why can’t life just be easy? Short answer, because we’d atrophy. This is not where I pictured myself after college. Something that I’ve realized though is I’m tired and frustrated and liberated and happy. Go figure. I don’t do one emotion at a time. I can’t. I’m not wired that way.
I’m motivated to do what I have to to get out of debt and provide for my family, for the children I don’t have now but will. I need to get my stuff in order now so when it is time for me to add my complications and successes to my children’s lives I have more successes than complications. My parents will tell you: you do what you must. It doesn’t matter how difficult or impossible. We do what we must to make the world a little bit better even if we never get to see the fruits of our effort. But God is good and most of the time we do get to see a measure of our efforts but they go so much further than we see.
So be strong and courageous. Make connections with people even though it’s scary and it hurts, and do what you must. Do more than you think you can because in Christ you are more than a conqueror! What kind of conqueror doesn’t have anything to conquer? We are capable of far more than we think. All we need is no other choice but to soldier on when we think we can’t. Do what you must and change the world! Lean on me and let me lean on you. Be blessed in and through your struggles today.