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I don’t know about you but all my life I have been told that perfection is unattainable. I’ve been told that the only one capable of perfection is Jesus. But let me have a crazy, out-of-the-box thought. Bear with me. Heb. 2:10-18 and 4:15-16 state that Jesus stepped down from Heaven being fully God and…fully human. Fully human. What does fully human mean? He was born, he had to learn to walk and talk, he had to do things he didn’t want to do, he had to overcome fear. If Jesus as a man cried blood because he was afraid to die, I can see him as a young child afraid of the darkness.
In Matt. 4:1-11 Jesus is lead out into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan. He was hungry and tired and Satan was tempting him with food, power, and proof of who he (Jesus) was. Each temptation was rebuked with God’s word only. Jesus was fully human but he tapped into God’s strength to resist what he knew was wrong. I may sound like a broken record repeating the words “fully human” but if Jesus who was fully human could resist temptation when he was at his weakest and live a sinless life surely we can manage for a day or two at a time.
I’m not saying we’ll never sin again but we can take life one day at a time and keep in close contact with the One who makes it all possible. There is hope for success if we are willing to put in the effort and the communication. Communion (I’m not talking wafers and grape juice here) is crucial. Jesus kept close to God, praying continually so he would know what God’s will was. He knew the scriptures, not just the words but the meaning of the words. So never let anyone tell you there is no such thing as perfection. We should never let it overwhelm us or become an obsession but it is most attainable if you believe it can be done.