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You have to learn to feel life, every part of it, the good and the bad. No one likes getting hurt, having your heart broken or grieving. But the unpleasant and harsh things in life give us an appreciation for the good things in life. The darkness makes the light more beautiful. The mix of blissful melancholy is an insane but beautiful feeling that brings tears to your eyes and makes you want to laugh and dance. But there is something else, something inexplicable. Life and love are words we use every day but mean more than can be expressed with mere words. Words have power. I should know, words are my obsession but words are limited. Words lie. Feelings aren’t really much more honest but we do get a wider range of experience when we mesh the two. Life is a crazy thing. Happy, sad, full of contradictions but if we could separate it out it would be flat, two dimensional. Experiencing life and all its facets is confusing but well worth it. We can’t limit ourselves by avoiding pain or negativity. There is no way to avoid them all together even if we try. They break us and give us the opportunity to heal and grow. Life is amazing when taken as a package deal. Personally I hate grieving and getting my heart broken but the payoff in the good things and the growth I experience I enjoy. I’m sorry this post is short and lacks a point. Writer’s block was killer this week.