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To properly promote the Kingdom of Heaven I believe we must have both feet on the ground and our heads and hearts in Heaven. We need to have dual citizenship between Earth and Heaven. What does that mean? It means we live on Earth with all its joys and flaws but it we focus solely on Earth we are missing out on our future. Earth is temporary. But, likewise, if all we do is look forward to our future we miss what is happening here and now.
We need to mesh the two. We need to be grounded where we are but anchored in Heaven. We can enjoy what God has given us now. We are supposed to enjoy our earthly lives but when things go wrong, when we face opposition and persecution, when life isn’t what God meant it to be we need to be anchored in Heaven. We need to bring Heaven down with us and shine a light in the darkness and believe there is something better to strive for, something better to hope for.
We can’t just ignore what is wrong and we can’t let ourselves be overcome by it either. We need to engage it. We need to combat it. It will hurt. It won’t be happy, fun, and shiny but when it’s all said and done and we get to those Pearly Gates we’ve been hoping for God won’t look at us and say, “What a mess you are, you hopeless, faithless person.” No! He will lift us from the trenches and say, “Well done my good and faithful servant. Come home.”