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What is the American dream? It used to be a big house with a white picket fence and two and a half children. The land of opportunity it was called. But what is it now? It seems like we’ve mortgaged the American dream to make a buck at any cost. Not only have we mortgaged our American dream but that of our neighbors. We’ve gotten selfish. We’ve lost sight of how the world really works. The world runs better when we actually care what happens to our neighbor and when our neighbor cares about us.

I kid you not. You don’t need a high tech security system if you’ve got good neighbors. One of my customers what telling me one day about how he went on vacation, forgot something, rented a car to get home and his neighbor called him to tell him there was a strange car in his driveway. It was the rental.

Eighty percent of the world’s wealth belongs to one or two percent of the population. I’m not saying we should all be communist and all be equal across the board. That works on paper but not in practice. I’m not saying wealth is bad either. What I’m saying is we should look after our neighbors like we look after ourselves. We should protect their children like we protect our own. We should comfort them in their grief and rejoice in their success. When we fail or get taken advantage of then our neighbors will remember and will step in and return the favor. That is My American dream. Success and prosperity, love and support from neighbor to neighbor.