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I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of a couple of friends about a week and a half ago. It was a long awaited event. They were supposed to get married the weekend before my husband and I did but then life happened. God had a different plan. Now, two years later we got to see the fulfillment of a promise. Two were made one and a new thing is beginning.
Their relationship has had to wait and deal with separation. I pray these unpleasant experiences will only strengthen their marriage. Looking back on life, what seemed hardest in the moment seems to pale in retrospect.
I can use those past experiences as stepping stones. I survived that; I can get through this. Friends and family are important also. In my life, when my husband is driving me crazy it helps immensely to have someone to talk to who knows my husband is a good man who sometimes makes people other than me crazy, someone who can talk me down without talking me out of my marriage.
Marriage takes work. I drive my husband crazy as much as he drives me crazy. However, we love each other. There are far more days when the gooeys get us. I’ll catch him making eyes at me when I’m involved in a project not paying attention. We have fun. We laugh. There are far more days when we work together, when we’re happy, when we make each other better. So, best wishes to my friends. Keep in touch. We have much to talk about, complain about, brag about, and grow through together.