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Today I celebrate two years of marriage to the most wonderful man. He drives me crazy some days but he is still just as sweet as when I met him six years ago. He is so good to me. He’ll bring me little surprises for no apparent reason. He’ll do things I ask when I don’t think he’s even paying attention. I’ve been told that marriage is all about compromise and letting the little things make you happy. I believe that if God is the center of my marriage and I can do those two things I can be the oddball who stays married.

For those of you who shake your head and say, “You’re still in the honeymoon phase,” hush. My parents are still “honeymooning” in their 26th year. So don’t tell me it won’t last. I don’t care about statistics. I make my own reality and my own destiny. I will not be ashamed of the happiness I’ve found and I’ll not hide in a corner waiting for it to end. I believe when God brings two people together, He’ll keep them together if they’ll let Him.

No one is perfect. I tell my husband he may not be perfect but he’s perfect for me. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better man than the one I married. He is the macaroni to my cheese. We’re different but in ways that balance. Where I come up short he steps up and where he comes up short I step up. It enforces mutual responsibility and the crazy notion that I don’t have to do everything myself.

I’m a passive control freak. Sound like a contradiction? Welcome to my life. I let life happen to me. What happens, happens. I can’t change it. What I then try to do is make the best of it. I try controlling it after the fact. My husband on the other hand happens to life. He’s always looking for ways to change things. Good enough is never good enough for him. He’s always looking to make things better. I’m an optimist and he’s a pessimist or realist if you prefer. When he gets down I try my best to build him up and try to point out the bright side. We balance each other.

I’ll stop making everyone jealous and gag now. I just thought it appropriate to brag on my wonderful husband God sent me. I don’t know how I got so lucky but I just try to be a wife worthy of his love and devotion.