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What is a dream? What is that thing you treasure in your heart? That thing you think about out of the blue when anything may bring it to mind, the look in a child’s eye, a snippet of a song, the smell of a certain food. These are the things that keep us going, that give us hope, that make us smile when we’re down.
My life has seemed hopeless at times and would have been without Jesus and what He did to give me and everyone else a hope and a future. He suffered and died so we wouldn’t feel alone in our suffering. He took the punishment for our sins so we could hope for something better. God loves me and He loves you. Why else would He do all that?
My life may be full of pain and obstacles but God has filled my heart with dreams and hopes that make me smile when no one knows why. When my life is a failure and all I have is fear for the future I’m reminded of a God who loves me and has planned all my unlived days. No matter where life takes me I know that there is hope and peace at the end of the road. Sometimes I wish I’d get there faster but knowing my goal gives me the strength to keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep moving forward. Be blessed today.