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A while back, I opted to stay an extra half hour at the service desk at work even though we were dead slow but I’m glad I did. I met this lady who had come to exchange flower pots. Even though she decided to keep what she had we ended up talking about me being a writer and my novel and how vulnerable people, especially kids, are. I told her that’s when you shoot up a prayer and we started talking about faith. When I said I believed in a God who loved me and was bigger than anything out there she said she needed to hear that. Then she looked at me with such desperation my heart broke and asked me to repeat it. So I did. I told her that there was a God who loved us both and He was bigger than anything that happens in life. Soon the conversation was over but I liked that we encouraged one another and I got to be a small part of something bigger. I sometimes feel crazy for believing what I do because of how counterintuitive it is to the despair in our culture. I guess that just goes to show that you never know how powerful those crazy things we say can be.