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Be strong and courageous. My favorite definition of courage is not the absence of fear but the overcoming of it. Sometimes that means running into a burning building, standing up to a bully, leaving home or just getting out of bed in the morning. Life is full of obstacles to overcome and sometimes it’s the little everyday things that wear us down more than the great acts of heroism. Take courage! There are better days to come. A friend of my mom’s used to say, “These things have come to pass not to stay.” Life can be difficult and for many it is more so than it should be. But being a good friend to someone can not only give them hope to continue fighting, it can give you hope too.
I suffer from depression and I have friends and family who suffer from depression. Yet they are some of the strongest and most courageous people I know. You would never guess the struggles they go through unless you were really close and even then you may not. My one friend especially puts on a brave face and a smile and treats you like the most important person in the room. She doesn’t push me away when she’s down like I expect but lets me be a part of her life. I can’t tell you how much she means to me. She makes me want to be a better person and a better friend and gives me something to fight for when I want to give up. Courage comes in different forms. Mine often shows up in the face of a friend.