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Sorry I’ve been absent for the last three or so weeks. Life happened…a lot, and then it was Easter and I was trekking about visiting family. Enough excuses, you want to read something clever and insightful. Hopefully you feel that way about this post.

I’m swimming in debt as far too many of us are but the strange thing is, I still feel like a rich woman. Things may not happen as I would plan them or in my time frame but God has always provided for my needs. Even when my circumstances don’t change, God changes my perspective. If you haven’t already, you should read a previous post of my titled Homeless is a State of Mind. Poverty is not solely measured in monetary values though that is the dwarfing response.

I’ve been trying to transition from begging God to heal me, help me, provide for me, my family, and my friends to thanking him for His provision. Period. God knows what I need before I need it and He is willing and able to provide. We may have differing opinions about what exactly I need but I trust Him. I’ll express my preferences but I try to focus on the promise that God knows what I need and will provide. I may look crazy but it is a huge relief knowing that All Mighty God will take care of the things I can’t handle. All I have to do is ask and believe. It sounds easy but it’s not. Belief is difficult to demonstrate on a non-physical, non-tangible level. My way is calling things into being that are not yet and thanking him for what I believe He will do.