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When a tragedy occurs people rally, when a tragedy is averted people rejoice, so what happened at Cyprus Lake High School in Florida? I just read an article at http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/03/02/high-school-student-disarms-gunman-gets-suspended/ where three students were suspended for saving the lives of their classmates when another student pulled a gun on the bus. I get that the administration sees the disarming of the offending student as a safety risk, that students could have been shot by accident, that maybe these heroic three might let their success go to their heads and cause them to act rashly, like they were invincible but let’s face it, they only tried to do the right thing.

I’m sure they were scared but there isn’t much time to think in a close encounter like that. Your options are limited to doing nothing: maybe the shooter just wants to scare the target or maybe you watch a classmate’s brain splatter. Or trying to disarm the shooter: possibly succeeding, possibly getting someone else shot or getting shot yourself.

I wasn’t there. I’m just another loud-mouth with an opinion based on conjecture. I could be all wrong but forgive me if want to see lives saved as opposed to lives lost. A lot of people commented on the article’s website about how these students were suspended for doing the right thing because a foiled shooting doesn’t inspired the necessary fear to push a liberal gun ban agenda. I like to avoid politics when I can. It muddies the waters making every motivation more complicated. I don’t know what to think anymore. I can see the logic in those statements but I can also see the anger and the bias. I can’t fully agree with either side.

We tell our children to grow up, act like adults, be responsible and when they make the decision to do so the world sets them up for a fall. What is wrong with this picture? Doing the right thing often involves more than just the immediate consequences. The saying, “Good guys finish last” comes to mind. Why is it that doing the right thing is punishable? I’m proud of those three students who saved lives that day and I hope they never have to be in a similar situation again but if they are that this will not change the decision they will make.