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There is greatness in you. Don’t laugh and don’t blow me off. There is greatness in you. It’s also in me. It was planted there by our Creator just waiting to be discovered and nurtured. I can’t speak for anyone else but I seem to have grown up in a world where you go to school to get a better job and that’s where it stops. Ambition equaled pride which equaled arrogance which was bad. I spent the past few years retraining my mind to accept the fact that there are two kinds of pride. Arrogance I was intimately familiar with but there is also a good kind of pride, the kind that inspires people.
You can take pride in yourself, take pride in your work, or be proud of someone else and none of these things involve thinking higher of yourself than you ought to. Ambition and pride are the crazy desires that tell us we can achieve anything and if we believe that, we can.
We live with a slave mentality and down ever realize it. We have been taught to stay where we are and be content with what we have, not to be greedy, looking for something better. If no one looked beyond where they were we wouldn’t have electricity, or planes, or modern medicine. If Edison, the Wright brothers, and Madame Curie hadn’t followed their desire to find something great within themselves and make the world a better place you and I would not be having this conversation.
So go ahead, the next time someone compliments you, accept it and take it to heart. Nurture those crazy dreams to make the world even just a little bit better for someone else, yourself included. Have a little pride.