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Is it just me or have we had an awful lot of shootings this year? Maybe it’s the way they pile up in history, the way we never fully recover. I agree with Darrell Scott, the father of a Columbine shooting victim. He postulates that the problem isn’t with the weapon used for destruction but the heart of the person using it.  I was just thinking about this the other day in light of the Newton, Connecticut shootings. We are so worried about the economy, the looming fiscal cliff, and the separation of Church and State that we can’t see the train wreck about to happen. We focus on changing laws that could never affect the kind of change we need because how do we legislate parents to love and pay attention to their children? How do we reverse the degradation of the family unit?

Like it or not there is a spiritual void in this country. What ever happened to “One nation, under God?” I’m not saying we should make Christianity the official religion of the United States because that would be stupid. Mandated religion has only caused problems in the past. I’m all for freedom to choose what you believe in but I believe in the effort to give people a choice we’ve turned the whole thing on its head. It seems to me like it is ok to believe anything you want as long as it isn’t in Christianity. I’m getting off topic.

When something goes wrong, we as human beings look first to either side to see who we can blame. Politicians, I believe, have this to a higher degree because of their public status. How do we stop lying to ourselves? How can we admit that we are to blame for tragedies such as the school and mall shootings of late? How can we admit that we have failed?  We can’t move forward in our healing without first being honest with ourselves and the people around us.

We need to scrape together every last scrap of courage we have and start loving people like we mean it. We need to invest ourselves in the people around us, especially the people closest to us, with every last drop of energy we have left. (Notice I didn’t say with every drop of energy we can spare. I know what I’m asking here.) In my next few posts I will give you a peek at how difficult that is for me and why I’m doing it anyway. I am working very hard to be crazy enough to believe that I can make the world a better place one person at a time starting with myself. The cycle of violence and blame stops here!