There is power in words, serious power. What you say has power. I’m not just talking about the power to make someone happy or sad. If you say over and over that you are stupid or that you are having a bad day then I can guarantee that your stress level will go up and things will go wrong around you. This happened to me.

A couple weeks ago I had one of those days and my first response was to commiserate with my coworkers. My back was hurting, I was tired, my orders kept changing, and I was tempted by a well meaning customer to take a tip which could have gotten me fired had I accepted it. About half-way through the day I decided I should change tacks by looking for the positives. I was thinking positively but still speaking negatively so my day kept getting worse. I muscled through and did everything I was supposed to do but it was harder than it had to be.

Later that same week I had the potential for another such day but, for the most part, I learn from my mistakes. I did a much better job of keeping negative words out of my mind and mouth. I crowded them out with praises and petitions to my God. My brain can’t do one thing at a time. I’m always doing at least two things at a time not including involuntary functions like breathing. So I was singing in my head and talking and smiling at my customers.

I’m still trying to translate what I’m learning about the power of words. I’m trying to do them justice. Being a writer, words are my medium and I should understand them as best I can. Shouldn’t I of all types of people understand the power of words? Shouldn’t I start acting like it? I say a lot of stuff that sounds crazy but I’ve always said “who says crazy is always bad?”

The Wright brothers seemed crazy for thinking humans could fly. Einstein sounded and looked crazy but he changed science forever. I’ll admit sometimes crazy is just crazy and dangerous all I’m asking is for a moment’s pause to see the results before passing judgment. Words have power. If you say something enough you start believing it, and when you believe in something you start acting on it. Talk may be cheap but if you combine words with belief and action then you have power. I really hope someone besides my mom understood that. Sorry mom.