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Fall is my favorite season because that is when God pulls out his paintbrush. It is funny to think that the leaves don’t actually change color but during autumn the tree is going into hibernation and stops producing the chlorophyll that makes the leaves look green. All the time that beauty and individuality is hiding underneath the common. How awesome is our God? I also like fall for its moderate though unpredictable temperatures. When the sky is so blue it looks like it goes on forever and the wind is blowing and it’s just the right temperature it makes me so happy I could cry. It reminds me of being a child again. I don’t know why fall in particular makes me remember all the good from my childhood it just does and that is why fall is my favorite season.

I think people are a lot like leaves. We put up fronts and cover who we really are, only when something in our environment changes are we forced to reveal what is underneath. It can be beautiful if we let it. We don’t all have to look and be the same. I have much the same view of makeup. I believe it is best used to enhance natural beauty not to cover it up or change it. When I see a 14 year old girl spending an hour doing her hair and makeup at summer camp it makes me believe there is something wrong with our perspective on beauty. Why would we want to cover up the beautiful way God made us? Why can’t we be more like leaves in the fall and let our inner beauty improve our outer beauty. Maybe that is really why fall makes me think of happy childhood memories. It reminds me of who I am underneath everything I think I’m supposed to be.