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In addition to my post Worthy:

When we question our worth and significance we question God’s judgment and motives. He gave us an instruction book full of love notes and He gave us His only son. Why would He do that if you weren’t important, if you weren’t worth it?  Never limit someone else’s worth by doubting your own! Someone once told me, the only difference between you and Jesus is that He never questions God’s love and purpose for His life.

God will do amazing things with you if you will accept your worth and let Him. It may or may not be grand and fantastic in your eyes but I guarantee it will be significant to the lives you touch. Don’t limit God by limiting or questioning your worth. You are worth everything. I’ll say it again. You are worth everything. Especially you who think you aren’t worth anything and never will be. Especially you who think you are the exception to the rule, that no one could love you. This is for you!  God will keep chasing you until you realize this, I promise and so does He.