Don’t ever let anyone tell you it is a crime to feel like you are worth something! You cannot help people, or do anything for the Kingdom until you know you are worth something. I remember a stranger praying for me at church. She didn’t know me or what I was struggling with but what she said cut right through every defense I had. She told me I was worthy, that I was worthy to do God’s work. That hit me like a ton of bricks because I never thought about how deep my lack of self-confidence went. It was like something broke inside of me and I couldn’t keep it together. I cried so hard I shook.

It is amazing the power words carry. Three words brought up issues I had dealt with for so long I’d forgotten about them. Three words let me know deep down what God really thinks about me. I am worthy. Every man, woman, and child should know their worth. Too many people are careless or hurtful with their words, tearing down the worth of others. They can only take your worth if you let them. You were made precious and valuable whether you feel like it or not. Everyone deserves to feel like they are worthy of love and greatness.