While we’re talking about crazy words like hope, let me throw a couple more loaded words at you. I am. What do they mean? Those two words are the beginning of an identity. I am Becky. I am a writer, wife, daughter. When God calls Himself “I Am,” what is He saying about His identity? He is; He exists. He existed before any identity or title so there is nothing to follow those two words. I Am. It is simple and straight forward.

So often we wrap up who we are in what we do. The second thing I told you I was was a writer. Writing is what I do not who I am. I could be wrong here but I think everyone falls into that trap. We are mothers, fathers, children, siblings, husbands, wives, grandparents, aunts and uncles. We are not bankers, painters, carpenters, CEOs, and students. We may do those things and perform those tasks but it isn’t who we are.

God tells us much about who He is by saying little. There are no titles, though He has many. He simply is and will always be. He tells us not to place our identities in what we do but in Him. We are His children. We bear His seal. Whatever happens and whatever we do, as long as we place our identities in Him, we will always know who we are.