I’ve been telling myself this a lot lately, usually after someone compliments me for being nice or helpful. I’m just doing what I feel I should be doing. I should be carrying my weight at work and helping my co-worker catch up. I should be polite. I should act as God tells us, as people, we should act. Love your neighbor and all that.  Also, I don’t know why, but I sometimes find it difficult to accept compliments, so if I have something to direct it toward I can accept it without feeling awkward. I am the only person I can control, so if I want to see something change then it has to start in me first. Can you imagine if everyone took the initiative to change what they didn’t like in themselves instead of trying to change the same flaws in other people? Sometimes, okay maybe more often than sometimes, I struggle with this, but I am trying.

I’m a cashier so I deal with a high volume of human traffic every day. Some days I feel like I’m wasting my energy, that the world isn’t getting any better for my efforts. Today I had a lady come through my lane specifically because she remembered how sweet I was to her. She told me I was “the sweetest thing, seriously,” and that she looks for me every time she comes shopping. I blushed, I’m sure. I just told her that I can’t stand it when I go shopping and the cashier looks like she’d rather be having a root canal and that I was trying not to be that person. A complete stranger told me she didn’t think I could be that person if I tried all because I put a little extra effort into my day to smile and talk about the weather. I am the change I want to see in the world.